Welcome to St Luke's

Nestled in the heart of Bear Poplar/Mt Ulla, North Carolina, St. Luke's is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, and ministry to our community. We are here for all who…

  • Need the Bible's message and the Christian faith to come alive, make sense and make a difference in today’s world
  • Appreciate worship that engages the mind and touches the heart
  • Seek to find purpose in life and use their God given gifts
  • Yearn for lasting relationships in genuine Christian community
  • Desire balance in their fast-paced lives, a place of retreat where life slows down and is renewed

Will you come to grow, and worship, and serve with us?  We hope to see you soon!


  April 2020  
  • Real Quick Notes

    1) April newsletter is on-line.   Click here or go to the the InfoCenter tab, then the newsletter section
    2)  Pickup Easter flowers on Easter, April 12 in narthex
    3) We will host an online Good Friday Worship "Stations of the Cross" service. 7pm.  Zoom link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/359803762, or call 646-876-9923.  Meeting ID 359-803-762.
    4) An "on your own" drive through/walk through Stations of the Cross Holy Week meditation experience will be made available early next week.  Stay tuned.  

  • Coronavirus Response & Changes

    (As of Monday March 31)
    We hold our members and community in our hearts and prayers.  Our ministy continues, in new and different ways as we balance the care of souls with safe practices and compliance with law, NCSynod and medical guidance.  Status subject to change at any time.

    Worship Prayer & Meditation

    • Sunday & other on-site worship suspended until further notice. 
    • Easter Sunrise service and breakfast has been cancelled.
    • "Meditation Minute" videos by Pastor Scott & others available via youtube, facebook and this website.  
    • Short "Service of Word & Prayer" twice a week (Monday am, Tuesday eve) by Pastor Scott & Laurie via Zoom.
    • Pastor Scott will gladly share private prayer and pastoral care.
    • Laurie is hosting  an online HymnSing twice a week via Zoom, Thursday evening and Sunday afternoons.

    Groups (committees, teams, Bible Study, Disciplers, etc)

    • All youth group, study groups, small groups, committee and teams all working via phone or online. 
    • Ark/Creation Museum trip - has not yet been cancelled.  All deadlines have been extended.  Next update mid April.
    • Blanket ministry is NOT meeting until further notice.
    • Pastor Scott's Prayer & Spiritual Direction sessions are paused


    • Office hours continue as normal (M-F, 9am-noon) at this time 
    • We are using Zoom conferencing and encourage members to nstall the app on their smartphone, pc or tablet.  

    Visitation and Pastoral Care

    • Pastoral visitation is limited to phone calls except in critical situations.  We are working to expand our pastoral and Sheperds team calling and contact ministries.   Our council members are joining the effort to maintain contact and engage in prayer with/for our members. 

    Caring for Community

  • ZOOM Worship, Study & More Schedule

    We are using Zoom conferecing tool to host a variety of new congregation/community virtual gatherings.  We encourage our members and guests who wish to participate to load the application on your smartphone, PC or Mac (from www.zoom.com).  When the event you are interested in is scheduled to begin, click on the appropriate link below, or go to zoom.com and enter the meeting id & password given to you if it is a closed group.  Audio-only for regular old phones is available fo many sessions - call 301-715-8592 at the scheduled time, and entering the meeting ID for the session. 

      Word & Prayer short services: starting Monday March 30.  Led by Pastor Scott & Laurie. Open to all
    • Pastor Scott's Thurs Morning Study Group:
    • Pastor Scott's Discipler's Group: Zooming.  Contact Pastor Scott to join.
    • Laurie's Hymnsings:
      • Thursdays 7pm-7:30pm Zoom meeting ID 945-216-190, Password: 605852
      • Sundays 3-3:30pm Zoom meeting ID 764-275-965, Password: 361943
    • Lauries Choir rehearsals: Wednesdays 7pm-7:30pm.  Choir only. New members/interested?  Contact Laurie 704-245-2802.
    • NC Synod Bishop Smith's Sunday "Synod Worship"
    • Youth Group online events: SLC Youth only (and parents allowed too, of course), scheduled with them.  Closed group.
    • Good Friday Worship "Stations of the Cross" service. 7pm.  Zoom https://us04web.zoom.us/j/359803762 Meeting ID 359-803-762. 
    • Council: As needed.  Closed group.
    • Zoom Test/Tutorials with Pastor Scott
      • We hosted 2 try it out/test/tutorial group sessions.
      • If you need assistance, contact Pastor Scott  We can do a one-on-one.
  • 3/15/20 Pastors "Meditation Minute" Messages

    As we are unable to gather for congregational worship at this time, Pastor Scott is sharing short (~5 minute) messages every other day or so, usually just a couple minutes

    3-31-20 "Fruits of the Spirit" by Kingdom Kids director Shana Putnam - a Children's Message (good for adults, too!)
    3-29-20 "Sabbath"
    3-27-20 "Wind in the Trees"
    3-25-20 "Faith Hope and Love"
    3-23-20 "Our Stories"
    3-20-20 "Ashes Roses and Life"
    3-18-20 "Foggy Days"
    3-15-20 "Giving up Worship for Lent?"

    These will be available on our youtube channel, Facebook and via the direct links above

    We welcome our members to consider sharing as well! If you've an idea for a little lesson, a note of encouragement, a "children's message" (often works great for any age) or something similar, contact Pastor Scott. We'll see how we can get it recorded and posted, on your own or with a bit of help.. Hey college & HS students, this could be you!