Upward Sports

Upward Sports at St Luke's Lutheran

Upward Sports programming focuses on building a healthy competitive spirit as well as encouraging & inspiring players to look ahead to their own personal journey with excitement and energy. Recreation athletes discover their skills and love of the game, and work to fully understand how sports help them develop the vital skills they’ll need to succeed in whatever they do.

Age Range: K5-5th Grade boys and girls

Upward Sports Offered and Organizing

  • Upward Basketball (@ St Lukes)
  • Upward Cheer (@ St Lukes)
  • Upward Football (with partner Cornerstone Church, @ Cornerstone)

2022/2023 Schedule for Basketball and Cheer

  • Th3 2022/2023 Basketball and Cheer season has completed with the final game and celebration on March 5, 2023.

Registration for 2023/2024 Basketball and Cheer

  • Registration dates have not yet been set for the 2023/2024 season

Upward Leadership Team @ St Lukes

  • Program Director: Todd Holt (704) 798-9990
  • Asst Director: Mark Parrish (704) 502-6907