We are called to be witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.  We are called to follow His way.  To love God and others, to share the Gospel and to help others grow as disciples.

Discipleship isn't one minsitry - it is through and through all the ministries of the church.  But there are some ministries specificalled dedicated to growing disciples.

Sunday School :  Youth and adults gather for study, discussion and activities.  

Thursday Morning Study with Pastor Scott:  A weekly session, 10am, rolling through topics such as in-depth studies of Biblical texts, history ("Life in Bible Times", Israel/Palestine since the Bible, etc), theology topics ("Angels and Demons", "Theodicy - the Problem of Evil", etc) and other topics the group chooses.

Discipleship Explorers:  A small group dedicated to exploring being and making disciples gathers twice a month (currently 1st and 3rd Monday evenings) for discussion and study.  Who are we called to be?  How do we live that out? Pastor Scott leads this group with a variety of resources.

Faith Basics: St Luke's offers a 3-4 year repeating curriculum for youth and adults, new members, the curious,  Confirmation (young or old), those that knew it and forgot it - well, EVERYONE.  Faith Basics covers  the basics - Bible, worship, prayer & faith practices, history such as the Reformation, Luther's Small Catechism,  core theology, etc.   Each session runs about 90 min, included a light lunch, meets after worship, and is scheduled about every 2-3 months.   

Confirmation: Confirmation is a foundational ministry of the congregation, with a defined curriculum, and is the traditional path for youth to become voting members of the congregation.  At its core Confirmation is an act of faith where we help the confirmands learn, build relationships with God and others and participate in faith experiences.  It may start in middle school but is not bounded by age.  Some participants may start later, at any time of life, which is becoming more common as we have older youth and adults connect with us that didn’t grow up in the church.  Some may complete the curriculum in a couple years, others may take longer based on participation and priorities.    To respect the purpose and integrity of asking someone to seriously “confirm their faith” confirmation as a rite isn’t “done” at the end of a grade or an age, and not just a milestone to “check off”.  We celebrate someone Confirming their faith when they have covered the curriculum and are ready to say “Yes! I believe!”   Here is additional information (pdfs) with helpful details about Confirmation 

      Confirmation Summary (what is confirmation, membership, 
      Confirmation - Discipleship Academy (details about curriculum topics, core vs electives, options for getting it done, etc)
      Confirmation Student Tracker Form (sample, showing how students, family and leaders can track progress and what to do)

Kingdom Kids and SLY (St Luke's Youth): Our two youth ministries both integrate discipleship topics into their time and activities, with age appropriate devotions and discussions.  Our MS and HS youth also engage in service project, retreats, camp and other special events. 


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