Adult Sunday School Video Lessons

While we have been unable to gather in person for Sunday School due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, Steve Massey and Joe Hampton have recorded a series of lessons for folks to be able to explore at home. 

Short descriptions for each video are provided in the Youtube listing.

Below are the archived lessons, by series.  Current series topics are available on our homepage

"Love One Another" Series (fall 2020)
SS25 Series Intro and Issues of Love (Steve)
SS26 God Loves All of Us (Steve)
SS27 Love vs Guilt (Steve)
SS28 God's Plan Revealed (Steve)
SS29 Love and Devotion to Others (Steve)
SS30 Love Your Enemies (Steve)
SS31 Love Your Neighbor (Steve)
SS32 Divine Love (Steve)

"Many Faces of Wisdom" Series (summer 2020)
SS12 The Call of Wisdom (Joe)
SS13 The Value of Wisdom (Steve)
SS14 The Gift of Wisdom (Steve)
SS15 Wisdoms Feast (Joe)
SS17 The Boy Jesus (Steve)
SS18 The Wisdom of Jesus (Steve)
SS19 The Way Truth and Life (Steve)
SS20 Faith and Wisdom (Steve)
SS21 Hearing and Doing the Word (Steve)
SS22 Faith Without Works is Dead (Steve)
SS23 Taming the Tongue (Steve)
SS24 Two Kinds of Wisdom (Steve)

Justice and the Prophets Series (spring 2020)
SS1 Intro to series, and topic "Consequences" (Steve)
SS2 Corrupt Leaders (Steve) 
SS3 Wretched Sacrifices and Wooden Nickels (Steve)
SS4 God's Just Servant (Steve)
SS5 Resurrection Hope (Steve)
SS6 Injustice Punished (Steve)
SS7 The Lord Loves Justice (Joe)
SS8 A Vision of Restoration (Joe)
SS9 Peace and Justice Reign (Steve)
SS10 Practice Justice (Steve)
SS11 Repent of Injustice (Joe)





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