Sermon Recordings - Audio and Video

Video archive of our worship services (starting July 2020), including sermons, are available on our YouTube channel

Pastor Scott's Meditation Moment video series - March through May 2020, while we were not gathering for worship.
MM19 "Loving Through Differences" (Pastor Scott)
MM18 "What Have You Learned?" (Pastor Scott)
MM17 "How Long, O Lord?" (Pastor Scott)
MM16 "Wise and Foolish Faith" (Pastor Scott)
MM15 "Fixing Relationships" (Pastor Scott)
MM14 "Peace and Contentment" (Pastor Scott and a special guest)
MM13 "When Vision Clears" (Pastor Scott)
MM12 "Seeing God" Reflections by St Luke's Youth (Pastor intro). 
MM11 An Easter Reflection - The Guards at the Tomb (Pastor Scott) 8minute video
MM10 "Celtic Prayer Poem" (Pastor Scott)
MM9 "Sacred Spaces" (Pastor Scott)
MM8 "Fruits of the Spirit" by Kingdom Kids director Shana Putnam - a Children's Message (good for adults, too!)
MM7 "Sabbath" (Pastor Scott)
MM6 "Wind in the Trees" (Pastor Scott)
MM5 "Faith Hope and Love" (Pastor Scott)
MM4 "Our Stories" (Pastor Scott)
MM3 "Ashes Roses and Life" (Pastor Scott)
MM2 "Foggy Days" (Pastor Scott)
MM1 "Giving up Worship for Lent?" (Pastor Scott)

Sermons - 2020 (mp3 format)

June 7, 2020 "Trinity - Unity vs Racism" (The Trinity is our model - love, everyone) Pastor Scott
Feb 9 Esther 6: Celebrating God’s Plan
Feb 2 Esther 5: Pride Comes Before the Fall
Jan 26 Esther 4: For Such A Time As This (God often plans what we cannot see, and selects us to part of it) (Pastor Scott)
Jan 19: Esther 3: Faithful Brings Trouble (Being faithful often provokes negative reactions) (Pastor Scott)
Jan 12 "Esther 2: No Win Situations" (When all choices seem bad choices, there is still grace, and God) (Pastor Scott)
Jan 5 "Esther 1: What Kind of King" (Models of leadership Xeres vs Jesus, and policies of respect, patriarchy & misogyny) (Pastor Scott)

Sermons - 2019 (mp3 format)

Dec 15 "Celebrating the King" (Mary's Magnificat - The Savior) (Pastor Scott)
Dec 8 "Calling of the King" (Jesus Calling, Our Calling) (Pastor Scott)
Dec 1 "Coming of the King" (Pastor Scott)
Nov 27 (Thanksgiving Eve) "Noah Your Blessings" (Pastor Scott)
Nov 24 "Slow Count Our Blessings" (Pastor Scott)
Nov 17 "Success and Failure" (Pastor Scott)
Nov 10 "Holy Moments" (Pastor Scott)
Nov 3 "Community of the Eucharist" (Pastor Scott)
Oct 27 "Reformation – Martin, Me & You" (Pastor Scott)
Oct 20 "Dont Give Up!" (Pastor Scott)
Oct 13 "Outcasts and Rejects (Pastor Scott) 
Oct 6 "Encouraging Words" (Pastor Scott)
Sept 29 "Keep It Simple #4 - What We Need" (Pastor Scott)
Sept 22 "Keep It Simple #3 - Following Together" (Pastor Scott)
Sept 8 "Keep It Simple #1 - Following Jesus" (Pastor Scott)
Aug 25 "Sabbath is for Saving" (Pastor Scott)
Aug 18 "Save Me! I'm SAVED!" (Pastor Scott)
Aug 11 "Is Your Lamp Lit?" (Pastor Scott)
Aug 4 "Half Truth #5 - Love The Sinner, Hate the Sin" (Pastor Scott)
July 28 "Half Truth #4 - God Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It" (Pastor Scott)
July 21 "Half Truth #3 - God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle" (Pastor Scott)
July 14 "Half Truth #2 - God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" (Pastor Scott)
July 7 "Half Truth #1 Everything Happens for a Reason" (Pastor Scott)
June 23 150th Anniversary Message Previous Bishop Dr Leonard Bolick
June 16 "Voice of the Shepherd" Bishop Tim Smith
June 9 "Holy Spirit is Moving In" (Make room in your heart for a new heart-mate) (Pastor Scott)
May 19 "Dream Big with God!" (Dream big & bold, God can do it! God did and does it!) (Pastor Scott)
May 12 "A Good and Godly Woman" (Mothers day and celebration of wonderful faithful women) (Pastor Scott)
April 28 "Peace Be With You" (Stressed? Praying for internal peace - with God, and THROUGH God) (Pastor Scott)
April 21 "Cross and Resurrection - Faith that Lives" (Faith is resurrected daily, eternally) (Pastor Scott)
April 14 "Should Hosanna!" (Jesus was blatantly political.  Our faith is too.  What does that mean?) (Pastor Scott
April 7 "You Don't Really Need That" (Deciding what we really need, whats really important) (Pastor Scott)
Mar 31 "Plan A Plan B, Gods Plan C" (God's plan of forgiveness is so much better than our faulty plans) (Pastor Scott)
Mar 24 "Little Us, Big God, Great Team" (God recruits us to be on God's team) (Pastor Scott) 
Mar 17 "Give it to God, then Follow" (God has a good plan, even if it isn't ours) (Pastor Scott)
Mar 10 "Fast Answer to Temptation" (Fasting and prayer - preparing for trials and temptations) (Pastor Scott)
Mar 3 "A Story of Change" (Inside us, not around us.  Following Jesus changes us) (Pastor Scott)
Feb 17 "Of Ruins and Relics" (Worshipping the past and places, or worshipping God?) (Pastor Scott)
Feb 10 "First Things First" (Most important: Christ crucified, and risen again!) (Pastor Scott) 
Feb 3 "LoveIs - Not Just for Weddings" (1 Cor 13 "love chapter" used for weddings is much more than that!) (Pastor Scott) 
Jan 27 "Come, Holy Spirit" (Brave enough to call the HS that drove Jesus into the wilderness?) (Pastor Scott)

Sermons - 2018

Dec 23 "Elizabeth's Gift" (Giving the gift of non-judging love, comfort, hope to those in confusion and distress) (Pastor Scott)
Dec 16 "Be Prepared!" (Christ came, and is coming again.  Was or is it possible to be prepared?) (Pastor Scott)
Dec 2, "Leading & Making Leaders Part 2" (Barnabas - 3 more marks: vision, patience & praise) (Pastor Scott)
Nov 25, "Leading & Making Leaders Part 1" (Barnabas as our model - courage, optimism & humility) (Pastor Scott)
Nov 18, "The Cost of Coveting" (wealth, power, things, people - coveting them costs us much) (Pastor Scott)
Nov 11, "An Act of Worship" (Our offerings are an act of worship to our God) (Pastor Scott)
Nov 4, 2018 "Good Grief" (Sadness and grief and hope - we are witnesses to the resurrection) (Pastor Scott)
Oct 28, 2018 "Endings and Beginnings" (Blessings of and God's call to change) (Pastor Scott)
Oct 7, 2018 "Dont Be Defeated By Depression Part 1" (some advice from the Bible and Chuck Norris) (Pastor Scott)
Sept 30, 2018 "Bad Boys of the Bible - Herod" (living in fear, or in hope and faith Christ) (Pastor Scott)
Sept 23, 2018 "Bad Boys of the Bible - Judas" (why, oh why? and short message on suicide) (Pastor Scott)
Sept 16, 2018 "Bad Boys of the Bible - Zacchaeus" (bad boy turned good) (Pastor Scott)
Sept 9, 2018 "Bad Boys of the Bible - David"  (good guy turned bad, and back again) (Pastor Scott)
Sept 2, 2018 "Messiah & Mistakes" (Pastor Scott) 
Aug 26, 2018 "Hard Sayings of Jesus"  (what do we do with the parts of the Bible we find uncomfortable and don't like?) (Pastor Scott)
Aug 12, 2018 "How to Get Out of our Ruts - Part 2" (Pastor Scott)
Aug 5, 2018 "How to Get Our of our Ruts - Part 1" (Pastor Scott)
July 15, 2018 "Modern Martyrs - Jesus Changes Everything" (Pastor Scott)
July 8, 2018 "Resistnce Training" (Pastor Scott)
June 17, 2018 "Marriage 3 - Commitment and Conflict (Pastor Scott)
June 10, 2018 "Marriage 2 - Partners" (Pastor Scott)
June 3, 2018 "Marriage 1 - Celebrating Love" (Pastor Scott)
May 27, 2018 "Everyone Has Something to Offer"  (Pastor Scott)
May 6, 2018 "Love One Another" (Pastor Scott)
April 15, 2018 "Life after Life #2 - Our Life in Heaven" (Pastor Scott)
April 8, 2018 "Life after Life #1 - Resurrected Like Jesus" (Pastor Scott)
April 1, 2018 (Easter) "Satan Got Fooled and We Got Saved!" (Pastor Scott)
March 18, 2018 "God of New Things" (Pastor Scott)
March 11, 2018 "Sin, Snakes and Salvation" (Pastor Scott)
March 4, 2018 "An Angry Jesus" (Pastor Scott)
February 25, 2018  "God's Goals Our Goals" (Pastor Scott)
February 18, 2018  "Made for Mission, a Wonderful Why" (Pastor Scott)
February 14, 2018 (AshWed)  "Ashes to Life" (Pastor Scott)
February 3, 2018     "Loving Words" (Pastor Scott)


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