Blanket Ministry

The Hearts and Hands Blanket Ministry started as an outreach of the Stewardship Committee.  It was felt that we should have some tangible way to let people who were hospitalized or seriously ill know that we were thinking of them and holding them up in prayer. We started out trying to learn to crochet, but found that it was difficult and time consuming so changed to tied fleece blankets.  To date we have completed and distributed well over 100 blankets ranging from receiving blankets for infants to full size ones for adults.  The blankets are available to be given anyone who is in need of comfort - not just to members of St. Luke's. The group meets quarterly - usually in months that have a fifth Saturday.   

In 2017 the "blanket ministry" expanded into a few other craft forms, including creating "Little Dresses" for a partnership with missionaries in Tanzania and other places.