150th Anniversary!

St Luke's Celebrates 150th Years - Celebrated June 2019!

In 1869 a few families that shared faith in God and a vision for congregational worship and fellowship closer to home founded St Luke’s Lutheran Church in Mt Ulla, North Carolina. 

They dreamed of a place and built it – though their dream was far more than just a building. 

A church is truly made of the people that gather to worship, serve, learn, pray and support each other in the love of Christ and commitment to follow our Lord.  While those founders were able to see the initial fruits of their labor and God’s blessing, could they have possibly imagined St Luke’s as it is 150yrs later? The years have shaped us, through the daily life, changes and challenges of congregation, community and country.    The people of God continue to gather and call St Luke’s home, striving to be faithful to our call as disciples.  This generation now carries the mantle of leadership and vision, so that St Luke’s may continue in our mission to “Share with all the Gospel of Christ through faith, hope and love” for many years to come.

Historical Documents:

150th Anniversary History Book (911MB pdf)

Rev Browns History of St Lukes circa 1904 (2MB pdf, scan of original pages, some missing)

100th Anniversary History Book of 1969 (4MB pdf, reformatted to 8.5x11 from original 9x7 print version)

125th Anniversary Events Bulletin (1MB, pdf, scan of original)

St Luke's -Mt Ulla Area History of 1958 (16MB pdf, scanned of report written by seminarian John Bollinger) 

Skit of Founding of St Lukes (171KB pdf, written by Rev Kurtz (?), performed by youth group in 1994 for 125th Anniv.)

Exterior, circa ~1900 Interior, circa ~1900
Some of our folks dressed for 1870 Worship (June 16, 2019)  
Burning of the Mortgage Sesquicentennial Barn Quilt


150th Anniversary Homecoming Meal (wide angle panorama view)


 150th Anniversary Events & Photos

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